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    OH my goodness, are we excited you stopped by!
    <------That's my oldest little bit over there. She's excitable, like her mama. The apple doesn't fall far. Except she's blonde and has that rockin' dimple on her chin, she got from the Mister. My dimples are in other places and on good days I have only one chin, but yeah. We're a lot a like. We love to have fun, be together with the fam, take pictures, CREATE (we're crafty like that), be dorks, have dance parties, Matilda Jane Clothing, laugh, laugh at ourselves, cook, eat, LOVE, pray, SHARE, and make new friends. And a lot of the time we're doing all of those at the same time! I am a Jane of all trades, master of none. I am always looking for sunshine and easily amused. I am usually unpredictable, mostly energetic to a fault, quirky and sometimes a bit eclectic, and darn right fun to be around... so I've been told.

    Old friends, new friends, friends we have yet to meet-we like them! So come hang out here for some gettin' real, gettin' personal, maybe a little gettin' real personal. We'll play games, talk some shop, kick up our feet, and have a generally good time. You'll definitely get to know more about me in my REM-deprived ramblings. {I can't be held responsible for how those ramblings look on any given day} And I hope I get to know a LOT more about you by YOU chatting and maybe getting to know your heart and soul by making pictures together. Wouldn't that be a blast? Then you can see what happens when we take what makes you OH-so-unique, add me bustin' a move with my camera, "Beast", and have fun capturing what makes YOU SHINE! This is NOT yo' mama's photography. We could leave a mark on this world- yours, mine, ours... together. Happy day.
    This is me. I can't be anything different than who I am.
    Making pictures... making friends.
    LET IT SHINE! ;)

Say Love…

One of my favorite songs at the moment is chart topping, “Say Love”, by Hilary Weeks.  Every time I hear it, it kind of sends my heart floating in a happy cloud of love and thought.

Who can I say love to today?

How can I lift up another?

What can I do to wrap a woman’s heart in words of love and encouragement?

photo 3

“I still remember every word that you said to me when I was fallen

down, down, down

How it lifted me up

How it lifted me up

How it lifted me…”

Ladies… go SAY LOVE to a woman who needs a lift today by going to the Rhonna Designs Giveaway post in my Instagram feed.  All you have to do is tag a friend or two in the comments and tell us/them what makes her woman’s heart SHINE!!!  Help start the SPREAD the LOVE movement for my women of strength series!   GO SPREAD the LOVE and CLICK for GOOD!!!

Go uplift and inspire today!!!


Let it shine,


Women Need Women-Rhonna Giveaway


It’s a RHONNA DESIGNS GIVEAWAY FRIENDS!!!  I am so beyond humbled at the love Rhonna Farrer is so willing to help spread in our instagram community!  It’s so important to join forces for good!  To use social media for good!

photo 1

[design by Rhonna Farrer]

The bottom line is , WOMEN need WOMEN!!!

Women need each other to get through tough times and good times and ind everything in between.  Women need to rise and lift each each other up, no matter what the circumstances!  I am doing all that I can within my influence to start a movement of honoring each other with the women of strength series by uplifting and inspiring each other and putting lots of good  vibes out into the universe for good.  And it is all in honor of my soldier girl, Brittany and Jamie Jenkins, who are breast cancer fighting warriors right now and need all of the love and prayers they can get!  It is also for all those who have suffered, died, survived, supported, cared for, loved and been affected in my life and yours in the name of cancer.  It touches all of us and does not discriminate.

Let’s DO something BIG together!!!  Rockin’ Rhonna is giving some lucky winners 10 free codes to her app and a $15 iTunes card for  in-app purchases!  Woot-woot!  All you have to do is tag a friend or two in the comment section on Instagram and tell us what makes her woman’s heart SHINE!!!

Don’t hold back!  I can’t wait to be inspired by all of you!  Giveaway closes at midnight Saturday MST.



Let it shine,


Paid in Love

Have you heard it said a mothers work is like the work of twenty, but she works for free? Katharine Hepburn said, “As for me, prizes are nothing. My prize is my work.” Although KH was speaking of working out of the home, my work is being a mother, so my payment, my prize, is the greatest treasure of all… LOVE! I must be the richest woman alive.

I think those women who work outside of the home would still agree that a child’s kisses and wishes are worth way more than her paycheck.   Today, I am getting paid in LOVE to pack bags, fold underwear, scrub countertops, feed mouths, love, entertain on our road trip, cheer on my child at her volleyball tournament, encourage, high-five, LOVE, kiss boo-boos, referee arguments, find lessons in mistakes to teach, LOVE, feed mouths some more, sing at the top of my lungs, embarrass, LOVE some more, and give hugs and kisses. And do it again for another God given gift of 24 hours. And it’s all worth it.

photo 2

If I leave this world and have done nothing else but let my children know they are loved, than I have done what I came to do. I hope to get to the other side and hear, ” Well done my good and faithful servant. Well done.”

Proverbs 31:27-31 “She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: ‘Many daughters have done well, but you excel them all.’ Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates.”

Let it shine,


Love, Handwritten

Need an idea to uplift and inspire a woman’s heart today?

Handwritten notes are a lost art and it is so said!  I cherish any handwritten notes I get these days and am grateful for those who try to keep it alive.

It only takes a minute to put some heartfelt words in a little note for someone who keeps “popping” into your head or someone needing a lift.  Listen to that voice and go uplift and inspire someone today!  It only takes a minute.  And if you’re using snail mail, you might even get a kick out of putting a stamp in the corner of the envelope and saying hello to the mailman.  Heck!  Leave a not for the mailman too!!!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The book is a gratitude journal for a friend who recently had brain stem surgery and has been having a rough time. She mentioned she needed to think of being more grateful, so I’m dropping this off so she can get started!   I filled it with some of my favorite handwritten quotes. Anyone out there who might need that little nudge from you today?

On  a side note, a friend who doesn’t even know about my instagram/blog dropped by to check on me and bring me these lovely yellow roses from her garden.  Now how is that for listening to her voice!  So grateful.



Let it shine,


Uplift & Inspire with Rhonna Designs

Happy, happy, JOY, joy… It’s May!!! Even without my utter excitement about sharing some extraordinary women this month, May is just an uplifting and magical season, don’t you think? New beginnings on the horizon, anticipation, fresh air, sunshine and possibilities abound!!!

There is another gal that inspires me like May… Miss Rhonna Farrer of @rhonnadesigns! As my partner in crime to this month’s shenanigans, it only seemed fitting to start the celebration of #awomansheart, with her cute self! Jut that smile alone gets you uplifted!


Rhonna is a gal who knows who she is and who she is becoming, by daily intentional acts of creativity and spreading good. But she doesn’t keep it to herself. Rhonna wants ALL to enjoy this process of life and creates inspiring designs to help you do so. She has a deep desire to uplift and inspire and does so by walking the walk and teaching it to others. She loves her family, art and teaching. As Rhonna puts it, “put all 3 loves together & you come up with what my website (and she) is all about. I’m a wife & mother of 3 young children. These 4 people are my world. I get the most inspiration & fulfillment out of being a mother & wife. I’m a teacher… I feel alive when I’m teaching. Not only do I love to teach as a mother, but also as an artist.”

She also says, “I believe the journey is as important as the destination, in all aspects of my life. I try everyday to enjoy this process of being a wife, mother, artist & teacher; to be uplifted & inspired by life.”

Here are the questions Rhonna graciously answered to uplift and inspire today:

 How does your womanhood strengthen your ability to create, uplift and inspire?

 I believe women have an innate ability to SHINE! And a little voice inside us tells us that every day. I’ve found that when I listen closely to that little voice- & cut out the distractions, or the voices that scream the opposite- I can create, uplift & inspire others to shine, & in turn – I shine. It’s what every women is made to do. CONTINUE READING Rhonna’s interview below…..

 What do you do to keep your woman’s heart strong and true to who you are?

 I listen to that little voice. Like I said- there are so many distractions & every day I take a few moments in the morning & evening to pray & meditate- it helps me quiet the distractions & negative thoughts so I can focus on positivity & being true to who I know I can become.

 What strengths does your womanhood bring to teaching and sharing your heart & soul?

“Woman strength” is all about listening to that little voice inside that whispers the way. The way to becoming who we can truly become: our best, strongest “self”. Part of that is knowing deep inside that there is room for everyone at the top & that we are all here to help each other. I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe we cross others’ paths for a reason. We have our families for a reason; our girlfriends; our neighbors & yes- even complete strangers in our lives to help, love & show kindness. It might sound cheesy- but, that’s ok! I’ve found this is what brings me the MOST happiness!

 You always leave a little sparkle wherever you go. What sparkling gift(s) do you wish to leave for this world?

 Sparkle isn’t about glitz & glam- it’s an inward sparkle… An inward light! I hope that every woman & every girl can see her own strength & listen to that little voice inside that tells her she CAN shine & sparkle…. That she’s meant to! & then believe it! Imagine if all the woman in the world truly shared that light!  That would be an amazing gift to the world!

Thank you dearly, Rhonna for inspiring us today to listen to our hearts, be a little more SPARKLY than we were yesterday, and leave some of that sparkle wherever we go!!!! I adore you!   I will also post on my blog for easier viewing. Link in profile.



Let it shine,


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