An eclectic Cali girl turned southern, I am a joy seeking SAHM of 3 little lovelies.  I am a lover of life, love, laughs, family, friends, music, giving, creating, quirks, and you… photography elevates these loves.  Maker of home and cutified things.  Smiling is my favorite.

A few random things about me:

* I am addicted to Jeopardy.  Yep.  My Mister feels like he’s married to an old lady.  HA!  It’s a great boost… I feel so smart when I get an answer right!  hehe

* I’ve hung out with Ziggy Marley and Little Big Town, but my first concert ever was Milli Vanilli.

* I had a past life as a superhero, I just know it.  I feel compelled to bring justice to any situation… Mister thinks I’m crazy.  I am.  But when I see injustice or bad behavior, I act.  Can’t help it.  I’ve been known to hold a large man one-handed by his belt to keep him from pounding another dude.

* I am addicted to flourless chocolate cake.  Once you eat it, you’ll never eat regular again.

* I can “shaka” with my toes.

* I’ve snored my entire life.  Yep.  Guilty.  Poor Mister again.

* I fractured my femur at 5 and had a cast up to my hip the whole summer.  Didn’t stop me from putting a black trash bag over it and getting in the pool in my blue and red Supergirl bathing suit!

* I could live off of guacamole.

* I love watching my children sleep.  Their little purrs are music to my ears.

* I love feeding the homeless, or as I like to call them, my hungry friends.  The joy I feel when I get a “God bless you” for just handing them a piece of fruit or sack lunch is immeasurable.

* I’m a little obsessed with paying for the person behind me in the drive-thru.  It’s such a rush!!!

* I love red Sour Patch Kids… not orange, not green, not yellow… RED.  I believe they should make a bag with just red.  Chocolate and peanut butter also go far in my book.

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